Director Angus Giorgi

Producer Toby Baron

The video charts the journey of Jesso as she travels through an eerie post-apocalyptic world towards the sea.  Part road movie, part mermaid odyssey, this video brings to life a unique and compelling fantasy vision of the future.

This film utilises a variety of background photographs generously supplied by the open source, wikimedia commons and stock xchange communities under free to use stock xchange commercial and creative commons licences.  Full attribution, crew credits and direct web links to the photographers involved who have contributed so generously can be found below.

Original photographs have been used with consent granted by the photographers involved under a licence for participatory cultural & creative use with agreement that such use may be for commerical projects.

Under the terms of these licences the copyright of each original photograph used remains property of the individual photographer involved.

© Copyright of the audio recordings / mixes, filmed sequences, edited sequences, performances, Visual Effects sequences, Story rights, Art Direction design and Visual Fx design rights remain © (P) of Jessica Patricia Day, licenced exclusively to Jesso Music Pty Ltd in all territories.

Further Open source, creative commons attribution or public domain images can be found on Wikimedia Commons or at Stock.XCHNG both of which are great sites.


Photo By Gareth Richards

Photo By Gareth Richards

Photo By Gareth Richards

Photo By Gareth Richards

Photo By Gareth Richards

Photo By Gareth Richards

Photo By Gareth Richards

Photo By Gareth Richards

Photo by Forest & Kim Starr

Photo by LaidanUK

Photo by thesaint

Photo by stroinski

Photo by mzacha

Photo by Ayla87

Photo by dlockeretz

Photo by eonardobc

Photo by johnnyberg

Photo by kovik

Photo by Kunstkopf0

Photo by Educardo

Photo by pixelbase


Photo by backtrust

Photo by somadjinn

Photo by lizevans

Photo by johnnyberg

Photo by neil2580

Photo by johnnyberg

Photo by johnnyberg

Photo by timobalk

Photo by Renaudeh

Photo by drog1998

Photo by buzzybee

Photo by kzkmz01

Photo by asura

Photo by omster-com

Photo by kovik

Photo by darius9000

Photo by cancsajn

Photo by cancsajn

Photo by timot

Photo by wickeido

Photo by fraglesi


Angus Giorgi
Toby Baron
Jason Muir
Cam A Op:
Jason Muir
Cam B Op:
Liam O’brien
Cam C Op:
Angus Giorgi
Underwater Cam:
Jason Muir
Underwater Assist:
Liam O’brien
Deep Sea Wreck Photographer:
Gareth Richards
Becca Gilmartin
Andi Coventon
Mermaid Stunts
& Hero Mermaid:
Kazzie Mahina
Additonal Mermaids:
Dahiana Nicolas
Beatrice Fox
Max Tischler
Stunt Driver:
Jared Day
Audio Playback &
Unit Manager:
Matt Kafoa
Micah Copeland
Offline Editor:
Clarissa Mosse
Online Editor, VFX &
Angus Giorgi
Filmed entirely on location
on The Gold Coast, Qld
and Byron Bay, NSW.


Photo by ugaldew

Photo by chris_schw

Photo by Razorbax

Photo by crestmont

Photo by klsmith77

Photo by mandab75

Photo by loopack

Photo by guidogferr

Photo by SteveFE

Photo by PMOS

Photo by eugene_w

Photo by pugmation

Photo by helix

Photo by nadia_a

Photo by avanzero

Photo by Ale_Paiva